America Loves Coffee

For many of us, coffee is a necessity. According to Urban Bean Coffee, a consumer advocate page, 64% of Americans drink the beverage. On top of that, the average American coffee drinker consumes over 3 cups per day. America loves this stuff. It's no surprise Portland is not hurting in the coffee department.

Portland, Maine Coffee Shops

We are lucky to have many great options here in Portland. Whether it's on the peninsula or in the more residential neighborhoods, you are never too far from a solid latte, tea, or whatever your habitual order is.

Some shops have seemingly been around forever. Coffee By Design is the best example of this. The company's shops have been around for decades. And its coffee can be found across the state.

However, the new run of local coffee shops is still a relatively young trend in Portland. Many of the shops on this list are just a few years old. And many are doing well off the back of being small, local, and really damn tasty.

Coffee Industry Giving Back

Philanthropy is also a very important subject to bring up with Portland's coffee community. Burundi Star Coffee and Rwanda Bean have both raised thousands of dollars for important community services, while others are very quick to host an event, lend a hand, or donate product to any key event. Just a wonderful community that continues to give back.

Below, you can see a list of Portland's local coffee shops. One note, I did leave Starbucks and Dunkin off the list. While I have no bias towards the two large chains, I only included shops that are locally-owned and/or originated here in Maine. I also tried to exclude places that are more known for being a café, as opposed to a true coffee shop. There is certainly room for debate.

A Look at Portland's Coffee Shops

There are plenty of great places to grab a coffee and a snack in Portland, ME. Here is a look at the locally-owned establishments in Portland that pride themselves on a good cup.

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