This Saturday (11/7) marks the 40th Anniversary of the release of the classic "Eagles Live!" double-set which we will be featuring on this weekend's WBLM Saturday Night Concert Series (Saturdays @ 7:00 pm).

That got us to wondering, besides the obvious hits, what Eagles songs would you love to hear at one of their shows that you never hear on the radio? Here (or hear) are five that might be better than what's on the actual "Greatest Hits" collection. No, really...

5.) "Train Leaves Here This Morning" (from the self-titled debut, 1972) - Founding member Bernie Leadon takes the lead vocal on this one which he co-wrote with Gene Clark, lead singer of The Byrds. A little country twang with just a drop of sadness makes this one of their most potent buried treasures.

4.) "Ol' 55" (from 'On The Border', 1974) - They didn't do many covers, but this pick from the Tom Waits catalog is sheer perfection. When the harmony vocals kick in on the chorus, it's almost too much. How can they possibly be this talented?

3.) "Bitter Creek" (from 'Desperado', 1973) - A ridiculously overlooked gem from what some argue might be their best album. Again, it's Bernie Leadon who's up front and center on this one which has the sound and feel of an early Neil Young album like "After The Gold Rush".


2.) "King Of Hollywood" (from 'The Long Run', 1979) - Don Henley's dark side vocal on this can creep you right out, while Joe Walsh's stellar licks on the fade drive this lttle nightmare home. One of their weirdest-outside-the-box tracks and they nail it.

1.) "I Wish You Peace" (from 'One Of These Nights', 1975) - As gentle and honest as anything else they've ever done. We could use more of this today -- "I wish you hope when things are going bad/Kind words when times are sad" -- just a couple of the fabulous lines in here. Kudo's again to Bernie Leadon who co-wrote this with then-girlfriend Patti Davis, youngest daughter of Ronald Reagan (she posed nude for Playboy y'know!).

Don't forget: The Eagles live at 7:00 pm this Saturday right here on WBLM.

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