My first paintball experience was the most unofficial thing ever.

One of my friends in college, Jon, had a family lake house on Lake George in New York. During my junior year, a group of us went to Jon's lake house for a long weekend of...well, everything. They literally had everything there.

Including a ton of woods on their land that, aside from being filled with trails to tool around on four-wheelers, was perfect for paintballing. So that was the first time I ever "went paintballing" -- literally getting splattered in orange paint by a girl I was dating at the time. (If you're reading this, Rachel, seriously --  you should've been a sniper.)

Patrick T Kindt / James Fitzgerald
Patrick T Kindt / James Fitzgerald

Birch Hill Paintball in York, Maine

The first time I ever actually "went paintballing" at a legit course, though, was a few years back with co-workers and friends at Birch Hill Paintball in York.

I honestly don't remember a ton of it (just because it was about 10 years ago) except laughing a ton, having an actual blast running and somersaulting behind cover like I knew what I was doing, and somehow, even though I'm a bit of a fluffy fella, not getting hit once.

I also remember the crew I was with dressing in an absurd amount of camo, which is interesting since the courses at Birch Hill are literally in open areas. At least, the areas we played in were.

Jeff Pierce
Jeff Pierce

(Although, looking at the picture now, I'm actually the one in the most camo, so maybe it's a me problem.)

Anyway, Birch Hill isn't the only great place to get experience paintball. Maine is filled with a bunch of great locations to either try for the first time or become repeat customers.

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