According to News Center Maine, you no longer have to suffer waiting for a potty break during long movies. The new RunPee app at, will let movie watchers know when there is a lull in the action long enough to run to the loo. Wish I had had this during the Lord of the Rings!

We've all been there, we started off the pre-show trailers with that super-huge salty bucket of popcorn and without even paying attention managed to slurp back an extra large, bladder bursting soda. You lean on one hip, then the other. You try to get comfortable, but the truth is the only thing that will make you feel better is a bathroom break. You don't want to miss any real action between Iron Man and Captain America, right? Before you take your first sip of soda, download the RunPee app to take the guesswork out of answering nature's call. Most breaks will take place during long fight scenes when no story development is taking place.  Avengers:Endgame has a running time of over three hours and an opening date of April 26th.


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