I've had two Dunkin' iced coffees today, and after school I'll be driving through to pick up 3 more for myself and the girls. I'll make those decaf! Not only is Dunkin' iced coffee a cool, delicious taste of summer, but today $1 from the purchase of every one goes to the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

Dunkin's Maine Iced Coffee Day has raised over $394,000, with all of it going toward Maine's only children's hospital. Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center has benefited greatly from the combined efforts of Dunkin' local business owners.

Here are some of the marvelous changes that have come about at BBCH thanks to Dunkin':

  • Seventy Five nurses attended a special training course that focused on pediatric emergency nursing.
  • A Child Life Specialist was added to the Pediatric Emergency Unit and is present 7 days a week to help little ones and their siblings get through what can be a scary experience.
  • Thanks to Dunkin' and funding from other sources, the Pediatric Emergency Unit is now open 24/7.

Many more improvements are on the horizon at BBCH, thanks to your support on Dunkin' Iced Coffee Day!

I spent a couple hours hanging out with the fine crew at Dunkin' on the Portland Rd. in Kennebunk today, thanks to everyone who stopped in to support BBCH on Dunkin' Iced Coffee Day.

Dunkin' iced coffee

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