Have you ever been way out in the Maine woods or maybe out on the lake with your fishing buddies...you know, like 50 miles from civilization, and THEN remembered that you had forgotten to get your fishing or hunting license? What to do? Well thanks to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife you can now whip out your smartphone and sign up online. The new, upgraded system is called MOSES and it's wicked easy to use.


MOSES (Maine Online Sportsman’s Electronic System)  is a huge upgrade, especially for those using mobile devices to sign-up. In fact, over 50% of visitors to the licensing website use smartphones. 1,542,976 licenses were processed online in Maine last year. 55,000 more than online auto registrations!  MOSES is “now quicker, easier to use and packed with new features,” says Emily McCabe from the DIF&W. 

Want to see more cool technology to help you fish in Maine? Check out the Maine Fishing Guide to assist anglers in locating Maine's most common sportfish and to help plan for your next outdoor fishing adventure. It uses Google Earth and it's pretty awesome.

Google Earth