OK, we've sold lots of cool things from our WBLM Merch Shop over the years but this may be the coolest thing evah. The Official WBLM Skateboard. We sell it by the deck only, or you can trick it out with trucks and wheels. Lots of parents give it to their skateboarding kids....way to raise them right! And some folks buy the deck and hang it on the wall. Yes, you can get wall hangers for this thing. On the street, or hanging in the rec room, this is the ultimate way to tell the world you love WBLM!

We have just the perfect gift. Something from the WBLM Merch Shop.

Whether they've been naughty or nice (actually, maybe ESPECIALLY naughty), they will love something from the Blimp.

Plus, mugs, stickers, bags, phone cases, facemasks, even a WBLM Skateboard! 









For the ladies, we even have a cool Racerback Triblend Tank. And for some reason someone ordered a bunch in this cool Pacific Blue color:

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WBLM Archives


Happy Shopping! Merry Christmas! And thanks for rocking with the Blimp!


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