There's a great line in The Big Lebowski where the otherwise chill main character says, "I hate the f–in' Eagles, man." It's one of the infinitely quotable movie's most quotable lines. And not so surprisingly, Glenn Frey wasn't too pleased with the slam on his band.

In the scene, after a particularly rough night, Bridges' the Dude hops in a cab, where the Eagles' "Peaceful Easy Feeling" is playing. That's when he utters the line. He's promptly thrown out of the cab by the irate driver (presumably a huge Eagles fan). Back in 2012, Rolling Stone interviewed Jeff Bridges, the star of the 1998 film, and he recalled that the Eagles' co-founder, who died yesterday at the age of 67, hated it.

"I love Creedence," said Bridges, echoing his character's listening tastes. "As far as the Eagles, I don't hate the Eagles like the Dude hates them. I remember I ran into Glenn Frey, he gave me some s–. I can't remember what he said exactly, but you know, my anus tightened a bit."

Bridges also told (via The Telegraph) that Frey's Eagles bandmate Don Henley was a little cooler about his Lebowski character's attitude toward the band. "I wouldn’t say I'm a good friend of Don’s, but we know each other," he said. "Glenn Frey, I run into him at parties, he’ll always bust my chops and make me squirm a little bit. That was my character that hated the Eagles, not me."

As The Telegraph notes, the Eagles had "a punch-'em-on-sight list of critics who hated us," which was probably quite huge back in their '70s heyday. The Eagles were never a favorite among music writers of the era, and the members' animosity toward the press – which continues to this day – has been well-documented.

You can see The Big Lebowski clip below.

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