According to News Center Maine, a woman in Old Orchard Beach is very grateful to a stranger for searching for, and finding, her engagement ring.

Wednesday afternoon Patricia Davis was knee deep in the cold, high tide waters of Old Orchard Beach when she lost her diamond and gold engagement ring. She searched and panicked and then turned to Facebook pleading for everyone to please keep an eye out for it. Luckily, Arnold Knight spotted her post, put on his super hero cape and brought his metal detector down to the beach at low tide on Sunday. He freaking found it, there it was in the wet sand!  Patricia has been reunited with a very special symbol of love thanks to the efforts of a stranger.

I forgot my ring in a bathroom at Shawnee Peak two weeks after getting engaged. I realized that I had left it on the bathroom counter in the ladies' room after washing my hands. I had driven for about 15 minutes before I realized it, turned around and gunned it back to the mountain! I felt so incredibly heartbroken and guilty, and couldn't even imagine explaining my carelessness to Mark. I was overwhelmed with gratitude that it was sitting right where I had left it a half hour later. Patricia's story really hit home for me. I get it, sister!

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