Contrary to recent rumors, Guns N' Roses did not record a version of T. Rex's "Children of the Revolution" for an upcoming tribute album. The LP's producer denied the band's involvement after talk surfaced online.

Last week, podcast host Mitch Lafon tweeted last week about "unsubstantiated reports" that Guns N' Roses were contributing to the project, but acknowledged that it was just a rumor. Producer Hal Willner then reached out to Lafon to set the record straight.

"Just wanted to clear up a rumor you wrote about re. Guns N’ Roses recording 'Children of the Revolution' for BMG and my [Marc] Bolan project," Willner wrote on Lafon's Facebook page. "They are not on the record. In fact, 'Children of the Revolution' is done by Kesha with a live orchestra that features Wayne Kramer and L.A.’s Jack Shit band that has members of Elvis [Costello] and Jackson [Browne]’s bands. There is a rumor that Axl Rose recorded that song for a different Bolan project without G & R, but again it is not ours."

Willner added some information about the upcoming album he worked on. "Our project is done and BMG is putting it out in March or April," he said. "It is called Angelheaded Hipster - Another Look at Marc Bolan. The title comes from [the] Allen Ginsberg Howl poem. Some of the featured artists are Marc Almond, Nick Cave, Perry Farrell, Foo Fighters, Emily Haines, Joan Jett, Father John Misty, Todd Rundgren, Peaches, Bjorns, Nena and more -- 27 tracks over two CDs, vinyl and all the other ways. ... So just wanted to give you the real info. ... Much love. Oh, and U2 with Elton John too."

Guns N' Roses wrapped up their lengthy reunion world tour last weekend. Rose thanked the fans, other members of the band and the team behind the concerts, noting that "we hope to keep this thing running, so we’ll see what happens next. We had to get through this first, and you helped us do that."

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