Is that you Shirley Feeney?! Why yes is it! Cindy Williams, AKA Shirley from 'Laverne and Shirley" and "Happy Days", is now starring in Hallmark Christmas movies and I love it!

If you aren't already hooked on Hallmark holiday movies, here's a full-length one for you to check out. It's pretty adorable! Scroll down for a list of holiday movies playing on the Hallmark channel today and tonight.

Told you! Get the feels 24/7 during the holiday at the Hallmark Channel. Here are some of your choices for today:

3p-Christmas in Holly

4p-A Dream of Christmas, with Cindy Williams!

6p-Christmas Cookies

7p-Marrying Father Christmas

9p-The Christmas Note

10p-Royal Christmas

Bake up a batch of gingerbread men and pour some hot chocolate and binge watch Christmas movies!

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