Living in Maine is frustrating at times because retail is always rushing us into the next season. I took these pictures at Michael's on July 28th, right in the middle of summer. I had been shopping for a one piece swimsuit for my ten year old the week before and couldn't find one anywhere, just like I couldn't find a decent pair of flip flops to replace the ones that I absolutely trashed on my vacation. With Halloween a mere THREE MONTHS AWAY it's good to know there will be plenty of decorations available!

But, if I were to buy some Halloween decorations, I might choose these. There's something creepy and cool about a cloche.

I'm also a fan of the glam skulls and skeletons.

I had to turn away from the cuteness of this crowe peeking out from a white pumpkin. I wanted to buy it immediately. Of course, it's months before I could put it out for public display. If I had bought it, it would be in my basement waiting for the appropriate time to grace my front porch. I would forget all about it and re purchase the same thing next July. I know, because I have done it before.

Is it fair that we can't enjoy the season we are in, or that finding a bathing suit or flip flops is so hard to do when summer is only half over? Gripe with me on our Fan Page or tweet #toosoon4halloween

By Halloween we will be shopping for Valentine's Day.