To me, the best part of living in Maine and New Hampshire are the beaches. Sun and fun for me. I am a 'beach bum'! Should smoking be banned from our beloved beaches?

According to residents in Hampton, New Hampshire have signed a petition to ban smoking from all beaches in the town. This petition is signed by 25 residents under Article 48 and may be considered to be voted on. Hampton Recreational Director Dyane Martin says there have not been many complaints about smokers and littering. She goes on to say that other towns have banned smoking on beaches and believes that town owned beaches would fall under this ban. If this ban goes into law, time will tell. But, it would not included Hampton Beach National Park because it is owned by the state. If passed it would include Plaice Cove, near North Beach, and Sun Valley, which is on Hampton property on the Seabrook side of the Neil R. Underwood Bridge.

Do you think smoking should be banned on beaches in Maine and New Hampshire?



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