There are two roadside statues in Maine that are are such tourist attractions, visitors to Bangor and Freeport seek them out to get their picture with them. You would think that famous icons like The Paul Bunyan Statue and The Big Indian wouldn't need their identities protected, but that's exactly what Google has done.

If you search Instagram, it's not hard to find plenty of photos of these Maine landmarks.

But have you ever looked at them on Google Street View? Their faces are blurred out, so no one will know their identity.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Yeah, we know. A computer does the blurring when it sees something that looks like a face, and that's a good thing when the Google car drives by you when you're in your driveway washing your car.


That software just isn't quite smart enough yet though to tell the difference between you and a 30 foot tall Native American.