It's happened to me, I've accidentally said, "I love you" when hanging up from a business call. I called them right back to apologize because it was hella-awkward when I realized my slip. Giant forehead slap.

Someone has accidentally told me they love me before hanging up and I thought it was  really sweet, and a glimpse into their lives. How wonderful is it that this person is on auto-play to say, "I love you"?  I know that there is at least one person in their lives that hears it upon ending the most mundane of phone calls.

There are other situations when "I love you" might slip. The dreaded accidental post-coital declaration of love has quickly sobered many lovers. You've just taken part in the most intimate experience you can have with another person but "I love you" could be a deal breaker. Here's a quick save if ever you are the blurter; after saying "I love you" add, "when you do that". See? Still awkward, but not as awkward. I must have read that somewhere...

Has this happened to you? Did you call back to clarify your feelings? Comment on our Fan Page.


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