Seacoast Helicopters is out of Portsmouth, NH - but they will become the first to offer regular tours out of the Portland Jetport this month!

According the Portland Press Herald the CEO of Seacoast Helicopters, Bruce Cultera said:

We were looking for ways to grow the business and Portland came to mind. It’s beautiful, it’s gorgeous, it is a population center and there are no helicopters.


They will offer tours and excursions around Portland, with a half-hour tour or longer trips to the see Halfway Rock Lighthouse on a tiny island 11 miles off the coast.

For the half hour tour around Portland it's for $129 per person, the hour long trip to Halfway Rock is $249 per person, and a two-hour Halfway Rock tour and picnic lunch is $399 a person.

Facebook/Seacoast Helicopters
Facebook/Seacoast Helicopters


I have always thought this would be a great way to see Portland. Would you do it?


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