According to News Center Maine, many Mainers and their families will enjoy a delicious, fresh Thanksgiving dinner provided by Solidarity Harvest. For the seventeenth year over 150 different organizations, agencies, unions and farmers, will get together to provide bags of locally sourced food to Mainers in need. Food and Medicine is responsible for organizing the annual event.

Maine is first in New England in food insecurity and ninth in the nation, according to the USDA. For many Mainers who are out of work, on a fixed income or who are working at a low paying job, a nutricious Thanksgiving dinner is just not going to happen.

This year thanks to the $55,000 they have raised, Solidarity Harvest will distribute baskets brimming with food from over 40 different local farmers to 1,300 families. Each basket will contain: a turkey, carrots, onions, beets, potatoes, turnips, garlic, cranberries, rolls, cider, stuffing and pumpkin bread.

Make a dnoation or sponsor a basket here.

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