A Westbrook Combat Veteran is devastated after his treasured 'Semper Fi' backpack was stolen out of his car. He needs our help to find it. 

According to a report from News Center Maine, Lequette Manning reported a robbery at his home to police. Someone had broken into his car while he was home. He came outside to confront the assailant but, he dashed and got away. Manning says the man stole money, a spare key, and his 'Semper Fi' backpack. This isn't just any ole backpack. Manning is a combat veteran, and this bag was given to him by 'Semper Fi' charity that helps disabled veterans post 9/11. Manning struggles with head injuries, seizures, knee issues, and PTSD. Manning served in the US Army and he did tours in Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar. This organization helps him in his dark times, and this bag reminds him of that. He wears this backpack everywhere, and it has other prized possessions in it.

Westbrook police are investigating and ask if you have any information to contact them at (207) 854-0644.

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