Have you always wanted to have a pig as a pet? The Animal Welfare Society of Kennebunk is looking to find a home for Henry the pig and maybe it's with you.

Henry is a four-year-old, male, pot belly pig. He's an indoor and outdoor pig so he stays inside and goes outside to graze. He's also a house pet, so he would not do well strictly outdoors.

According to the listing on the AWS website, "He is very friendly, social, and sweet. He knows how to sit, turn around, and shake on command. He LOVES belly rubs and blankets. He loves cheerios, carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and strawberries." Henry even uses a litter box.

Animal Welfare Society
Animal Welfare Society

Think Henry is for you? You better move fast and stop by the Animal Welfare Society and have a visit with Henry. We know you won't be able to resist saying "That'll do pig. That'll do." We're sure Henry has heard that one before.

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