We're all subject to temptation by Pinterest when looking for home remodel inspiration. The perfectly styled living rooms, the gleaming kitchens, the quirky bathrooms with impeccable details... we want to copy everything down to the brass finishes and bespoke backsplash.

DON'T DO IT. Here's why: despite how totally gorge those rooms look now, they're gonna be dated and totally out of style in 5-10 years, and are unfortunately expensive to replace. Attend the Maine Home and Remodeling Show this weekend for expert advice on how to update your home in a classy fashion (that you won't want to replace before you move out). For the time being, here's what not to do:

3d rendering black modern luxury kitchen

1) Matte Black Kitchen Cabinets

They might look sleek at first, but they show dust and grease specks more than white, and are harder to clean than glossy surfaces.

2) Pattern Floor Tiles

Busy bathroom floors are all the rage right now, but will likely be this decade's version of pink toilets and sinks.

3) Hexagon-Shaped Tiles

Next thing you know, we'll be wondering why we all wanted our rooms to look like a beehive.

Sink for kitchen ware

4) Metallic Bathroom Fixtures

Copper is in! Brass is out. Er, Chrome is out, black is back? Who can keep up with the changing winds of fixture styles?? Just go with stainless steel and call it a day!

5) Too Much Downlighting

Fancy hanging light fixtures are super hot these days, but with all that downlighting we're leaving our ceilings dark! Hanging lights are great, but mix them in with some soft uplighting to fill your house with adequate light.

6) Custom Cabinetry for Temporary Use

Need a pull-out printer drawer near the desk? Why won't a shelf suffice? When you get a new printer, or decide to move your office to the guest bedroom, you're gonna regret that bespoke cabinetry.

beautiful house, interior, view of the kitchen.

7) Excessive Open Shelving

That clean, staged shelves look is super appealing, sure. But the upkeep alone is enough to convince you not to implement open shelving in your kitchen. Your dishes will be dusty, and if you have half as many dishes as the average human your shelves are gonna look cuttered af. Ever notice how those Pinterest pics don't feature your mismatch coffee mugs? Yeah. They're NOT REAL.

8) Deliberately Distressed Furniture

Authentic antiques are one thing, but dressers (or more importantly, built-ins) that have been painted and then sanded to look overly distressed are certainly going to be on the list of "cliche 2010 decorating trends" in a few years.

9) Light Pink Everywhere

This was a huge trend last year. Blush pink, bordering on peach, was on blankets, pillows, cute couches and corner chairs, wallpaper, backsplashes, you name it. Stay away.

Pink chair and blue sofa
Getty Images/iStockphoto

10) Bold Graphic Wallpaper

Luckily, wallpaper is more easily replaceable than, say, a tile floor or granite backsplash. But the fact remains - it's a look that is definitely temporary. If you're committing to it, be ready to backtrack in a couple years.

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