Maine may not be the largest state. Okay, we are nowhere close to being even a medium-sized state. However, that hasn't deterred the rock world from entertaining the masses of Mainers looking to let loose.

Maine has had a tremendous history of live rock shows. Portland, Bangor, Old Orchard Beach, the college towns, and even Oxford Plains Speedway have hosted some of the biggest names in the industry. Some bands were here before they made it big, while others arrived already having vast amount of success. Either way, it's been a win for Maine rockers from Kittery to Fort Kent.

Acts like the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Elvis, Grateful Dead, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, Metallica, Heart, and many others have hit the Maine stage in the past, and even more recently. However, not all the biggies have performed in the Pine Tree State.

Unlike larger states, Maine does occasionally get the shaft from larger acts. Sometimes it's due to venue size. While other times, bands clearly feel Massachusetts is close enough to Maine to attract the northern masses. Whatever the reason is, it's been unfortunate to say the least.

This includes some of the biggest bands from the greatest era of rock 'n roll. It also includes numerous bands from across the pond that never saw fit to perform in our great state.

Is there still time for some? Sure. However, I doubt at this point in their career the Rolling Stones would be making a quick trip to Maine to put on a rock show.

Below is a list of 25 acts that have never made it to Maine. While some had members come with other projects or as solo acts, the bands in question never made the trek.

Which band do you wish played in Maine?

24 Legendary Bands that Have Never Performed in Maine

Here is a list of 25 bands and performers who never played a show in Maine. It includes some of the most legendary groups to ever play.

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