Considering the state of the world right now, in a time where we needed to smile most, Thursday, August 26, just so happened to thankfully be National Dog Day.

For at least a brief time, our social media feeds took a break from the chaos and heartbreak happening in Afghanistan and the rest of the world to spread positivity and love through one of the most uplifting things in history -- dog pictures.

Mini pooches, giant Great Danes, fresh-to-the-world puppies, "get off my lawn" older dogs -- they all dominated our respective Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and feeds.

And whether you consider National Dog Day an actual holiday or not, any reason to have social media transform from a cesspool of arguments and conspiracy theories into an absolute cuteness overload will be taken as an absolute 100% win. And, we may be a bit biased, but if we're being honest -- the cutest pooches in all of National Dog Day just so happened to be from Northern New England.

Want proof? Ask and you shall receive.

Here's Proof That America's Most Adorable Dogs Live in Maine and New Hampshire

Northern New England celebrated National Dog Day by showing off their best canine friends and family members!

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