My computer is wonky. My plans are kaput. Our old friend the Cosmic Muffin used to warn us about this! This is one of the three times Mercury goes retrograde in 2020:

  • February 16 – March 9
  • June 18 – July 12
  • October 13 – November 13

According to our friends at the Farmer's Almanac

Believers in the malevolent power of Mercury retrograde blame the phenomenon for everything from arguments to lost mail or luggage to automobile accidents and warn people to hold back on conducting important business during this time.

So let's be careful out there! Although the Cosmic Muffin did use to tell us that Mercury Retrograde is actually a good time for being creative and reconnecting with friends or situations. Sure, maybe you'll get that grocery cart with the wobbly wheel when you go shopping this week, but you might run into an old friend and reacquaint with them right there in the frozen food aisle. Just remember what the Muffin used to tell us:

It’s a wise person who rules the stars. It’s a fool who’s ruled by them. Over and out.

Check out this Cosmic Muffin report from 1995





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