What's better than Maine lobsters? Nothing! What's better than Staycation in Maine? Again, not a thing.

Put these two things together and thanks to the folks at the Maine Turnpike Authority it could mean Free Lobbies for you, bub!

From the Maine Turnpike Authority Facebook page: 

"Just post your favorite Maine vacation photos with the hashtag #maineturnpike to be automatically entered to win a ready-to-cook, 4-lobster dinner (including whoopie pies!), shipped directly to your door. (If you win, we’ll connect you with the Maine seafood shipper so you can schedule it to arrive whenever you want.)"

Maine Turnpike Authority
Maine Turnpike Authority

Now, this is the way to celebrate Maine summer. Sure, the contest is also for people from away, so feel free to pass it along to your friends who visited you recently.

But we Mainers deserve the bulk of the lobsters if you ask me! Especially this summer as most of us are staying put and exploring Maine. And why not!?

Where else would you rather be in this crazy COVID world? Safe and sound with some Maine craft brewski and some tasty lobsters, that's for sure.

Traffic on the Turnpike has been off because of COVID this summer, but August is traditionally the busiest month of the year for traffic.

Good luck, make sure to share your photos with the hashtag and call us ovah if you win the lobsters! Hey, even if you don't win support our lobstermen and lobsterwomen of Maine and pick up a few keepers tonight!



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