Our friends at the National Weather Service in Gray have come out with their weekly drought monitor report for Maine and New Hampshire. Overall, I think we are pretty lucky as July was the hottest month (of ANY month) on record. Plus, we've had many towns at 90 degrees for at least 10 times this summer.  And not a ton of rain. You would think that we would be ripe for severe drought conditions. And yes, there a few areas with are in the "severe" category but most are in the "moderate" level. It's drier than normal but not too bad.

“We have seen some improvement in rainfall amounts, mostly in southern and western Maine, but not in central and northern Maine,” said Tom Hawley of the National Weather Service in Gray. “The drought is not expected to worsen in the next seven days and could even improve.”

Luckily, the WIldfire Danger Report in Maine shows we in the "moderate" level. Again, not bad with all this hot weather



From the National Weather Service Facebook Page:

The biggest change from last week is across northern NH where conditions have worsened some. The majority of our area remains drier than normal with some areas across central and southern NH and coastal/northwestern ME into the moderate drought category.




We could get some more showers Sunday and Monday. Good with us as it looks like we need it!




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