Gameday! It's the Pats and the Jets from Gilette this Sunday afternoon. But the gamesmanship has already started for embattled, (and it's never good if you have the word "embattled" in front of your name) ex-Patriot Antonio Brown.

Brown was released from the team on Friday. He tweeted several thank-you tweets that day.

But it looks like AB has woken up on the wrong side of the bed today. He's already gone after...

Robert Kraft. Never a good idea.

TV analyst Shannon Sharpe




And a Sports Illustrated writer


WOWzers. Way to go AB. You have pretty much sunk ANY chance of a team picking you up. You probably won't get the 30 million from the Raiders or 10 million from the Patriots. You've taken ZERO responsibility along the way and we're all pretty glad you're out of New England.


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