It's no surprise that people have been pondering different ideas and options for the now-vacant Augusta Kmart site that sits just off Western Avenue in the State's capital.

According to the Kennebec Journal, initially, Augusta city councilors had poo-poo'd an idea that would have brought hundreds of garage-style self storage units to the site. However now, they say they're more open to a different kind of self storage option that's all part of a revised plan.

Initially, Patriot Holdings, the company that wants to put a storage facility at the old Kmart site, told the city they wanted a single-level storage facility that was accessed from the outside using garage-style doors for each unit. Councilors weren't overly impressed with that idea.

A Patriot Holdings representative then came back with a revised plan, and one that councilors are much more comfortable with, the Kennebec Journal reports.

The new plan would see a more modern looking three-story building be constructed on the Kmart site. The KJ says the new plan would have all the access to individual storage units on the INSIDE of the building as opposed to the outside.

Additionally, there would be no need for a gaudy looking security fence because everything would be housed inside an already-secure building, the representative explained.

The man who is currently working with the owners of the Augusta Plaza and Patriot Holdings, the company proposing the storage building, Chris Belanger told city councilors in part,

“We developed this concept based on the comments we received — we’re hoping this is better-suited for the site."

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