We are spending more time at home these days and not enough time cruising around our favorite little city in the world-Portland! We miss the pubs, the shopping, the amazing architecture.

Portland is such a great city just to walk around. You can start in the East End and walk, eat, shop, and drink your way to the West End and you've got a great day.

We found these old pictures of Portland-they are just over 100 years old.

Remember, Portland had to rebuild almost every commercial building after the Independence Day fire in 1866 that left 10,000 people homeless. So many of the buildings in these photos were relatively new for the time.

Some places like Middle Street and Deering Oaks Park look eerily the same. Other places really look like they are 100 years old!

Here's What Portland Looked Like 100 Years Ago



Amazing drone shots of Portland

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