Hey dear, is that Martha Stewart over there by the deli?  Why yes, I think it is.

You have to pretty much live in a cave with no internet service in a town like Beddington to not know that the lifestyle extraordinaire and very successful businesswoman lives on Mount Desert Island during the summer months.  The iconic personality can be seen periodically browsing through an antique or crafts store of some sort, strolling across the dock to her boat, or attending a charitable event.

As with any very well-known person who's out and about, common people like you and I seem to remember forever where we've seen them in the past, what that person was doing, and how they treated us.

Recently, someone within the I Love Bar Harbor Maine! (ILBM) Facebook group asked, "Does anyone ever see Martha Stewart around the island?" The response came quickly and in bulk.

While there were those that expressed negativity, we're going to focus on the more positive aspects of a Martha Stewart encounter, as we're willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt when they are continuously approached by throngs of star-struck individuals while shopping for a loaf of whole-grain wheat bread at the farmer's market.


So, would you be excited to run into Martha Stewart?  Be honest now.  We think that you would.


Yes, it would be a whole lot of fun sitting out on the porch of Martha's Seal Harbor home with both her and Snoop while admiring the sunset.  One can only imagine the insightful talk between these two friends.

Speaking of dogs.


While it probably wasn't a great honor for the dog to pee on Martha's lawn, we're betting that it would be for the dog's owner if given the chance. Good thing there's security on the property.

Meanwhile, Martha has been seen just recently.


Most big-time personalities are more than happy to donate some time for a good cause, and our favorite Maine homemaker is no exception.


As a matter of fact, to benefit the Friends of Acadia, Ms . Stewart has offered up an afternoon sail and tour of Skylands, and also a Garden Tour and luncheon at Glove Brook Farm. It'll cost you thousands of dollars and the bidding continues until Saturday.

Yes, when it comes to traveling around Mount Desert Island during the summer months there's no dust settling under Martha Stewart's feet as she's been seen in a variety of places much to these onlooker's delight.


Of course, what would Facebook be without those that will always think otherwise?


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