Where is the best place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Maine?

As the holiday creeps closer, this question is in everyone's mind and their Google search history. With many of us Irish folk running around the state, Maine has tons of local bars and Irish pubs to ring in the holiday bright and early with an Irish Coffee.

From truly authentic Irish pubs to casual and homey bars, there are spots across the state that have the warmest, most inviting atmosphere to sip on a Guinness. We're all looking for that same vibe on St. Patrick's Day... Wooden interiors, whiskey on deck, sports on a TV in the background, and the smell of stale beer.

Whether you're having a boozy holiday or not, the camaraderie at a pub on St. Paddy's is unmatched. All differences and disagreements are set aside and for one magical lucky day of the year, we are all family. Grab your closest friends, your favorite family, hell, even your colleagues, and hit up these places in Maine that locals say you should celebrate St. Patrick's Day:

Start Planning for 2023: Here's Where to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Maine According to Locals

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