When Red Sox fans are asked about this year's World Series between the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants, some of them might let out a great, big yawn.

After all, a year ago the Boston Red Sox were on the verge of beating the St. Louis Cardinals to win their third World Series of the new century. So why should Red Sox Nation care one way or the other which team - the Royals of the Giants - wins Game 7 tonight in Kansas City?

Right now, the Red Sox are the only team to win three World Series titles since 2000. The Giants, Yankees and Cardinals have all won two titles. If the Giants win tonight, they will join the BoSox with three World Series titles each. I don't know about you, but I would rather the see the upstart Royals win so the Red Sox can maintain their overall edge.

If the Giants manage to win tonight, then the next thing I would like to see as a diehard baseball fan is to see the Red Sox meet the Giants in next year's World Series to decide once and for all the number one Baseball town in America. That said, I have had an excruciatingly difficult time caring about this World Series. The Red Sox run to their third World Series title was epic and filled with amazing moments like Big Papi's grandslam against the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS:

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