What an amazing weather weekend in Maine! The weather was perfect and it really feels like we are going to have Summer. After all, it is less than a month until the 4th of July. We were all saying how warm we were, and then we looked at the temperature and it was only 71 degrees! We got to talking this weekend about the lack of REALLY warm days so far in 2019 and our friends at the National Weather Service in Gray came up with this weather fun fact:

Portland has only had one 80 degree or higher day so far in 2019. This last happened in 2014 and has happened 3 other times since 2000 (2011, 2008, and 2000). Concord has had only 3 days of 80 degrees or higher so far in 2019, which is the first instance of <4 days in the 21st century.

The nice weather will continue into Monday.



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