K9 Bailey and trooper Shawn Whalen were a team between 2004 and 2019 on the explosion section team. When Shawn retired, Bailey did as well and the two remained a team. When Bailey recently passed, Shawn was by her side. A team to the very end.

"In an unsettled world and when life throws you something you weren’t expecting and didn’t see coming, we can all reflect on things that you know won’t change. The faithful, loyal and unwavering friendship between man and his dog. Trooper Shawn Whalen (Retired) and his K9 partner Bailey (Retired) had that friendship. Recently K9 Bailey passed away, with his human by his side and ending a life of service to the Maine State Police and citizens of Maine."

According to Maine.gov, these highly trained dogs provide many services to Mainers. The teams train in Vassalboro on a piece of land adjacent to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy

There are 25 teams right now that are available 24 hours a day and in every weather condition. The K-9 unit also helps other Maine agencies that need their special skills. Like people, the dogs also have their specialties.

With their combined training and talent, these are some of the services that the Maine State Police K-9 Unit provides:

  • locate prohibited narcotics
  • track lost people
  • track criminal suspects
  • search for evidence
  • provide protection for their handlers
  • search for explosives
  • detect human remains on land and in water
  • take part in public relations demonstrations

Bailey will be missed and our hearts go out to all of those whose lives she touched. She led a life of purpose and we appreciate her service.


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