The W-2's are rolling in and tax preparers are saying goodbye to their families for tax season. Many Mainers look forward to their refund check, are we spending it like the rest of the U.S.? According to a recent survey by J.P. Morgan shows that many Americans are spending their tax refunds on health care. Where else is that money going? shows some good decision making going on, for the most part.

Here are the top things that Americans are spending their tax refunds on:

1. Pay off credit card debt, in most cases it's catching up on holiday spending.
2. Pay off other debt.
3. Use it toward a vacation, a wedding or another big event. In Maine it might be a camp vacation rental this July.
4.  Big Purchases like a motorcycle, boat or ice shack.
5. Splurging on ourselves.
6. Pay off student loan debt.
7. Paying medical bills.
8. Helping out a family member.
9. Treating your main squeeze with a special gift.So, how are we stacking up? Mainers, what will you spend your tax refund on? Comment on our Fan Page.

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