Karen Keller isn't super keen on everyone knowing where she lives. .

There's not a lot of information on Hibberts Gore Maine. According to Mental Floss, a map survey carved out part of Palermo Maine and labled it as an unincorporated, 640-acre piece of land. The only stats we have on Hibberts Gore, is from the U.S. Census in 2010 saying there is just one resident: Karen Keller. She moved to Hibberts Gore after her divorce. There was a 2001 Boston Globe article about the weird parcel of land and that's when the spotlight got a little too hot for Karen.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Karen was getting way more attention than she wanted. She even tried to get the Census to count her as part of nearby Lincoln County. They declined.

In 2013 she told the Sunday Salon

Whatever have I accomplished? What have I ever done to make anyone’s life better?  What good for the planet? What good for people? What good for anybody? Why? It’s hogwash. it's a crock.

The Mirror quotes Karen talking about how her living alone, as in the only one in this entire town, is a conversation started. She is not into people talking about her.

I just didn’t like the whole idea of it. Makes you feel vulnerable. You’re isolated and you’re one female. It’s not cool. It’s not reassuring.

If that's not perfectly Maine, I don't know what is. Here's to Karen living out her best life in peace and quiet.



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