As I've gotten older I've realized how lucky I am to live in Maine. A place where thousands of people from around the world flock to, spending their hard-earned money and hard-earned vacation time.

I've made it my mission to enjoy as much of it as I can so I never take it for granted. I live where people vacation. That's a big deal.

Part of that personal effort as well as a side personal effort to live healthier, I decided last year to do more hiking. As with most goals, life tends to get in the way. This year, with a global pandemic, I really don't have many excuses,

This weekend I went to Freeport, Maine, and checked out Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park as recommended by a Facebook friend. (To see their brochure, click here!)

The thing is, I think I may have peaked early. This hike had everything I love; beautiful forests, minimal bugs (No, really. I stupidly forgot my bug spray and actually didn't get eaten alive.), and gorgeous ocean views and access.

Some of the trails were easy enough that even little kids would have a blast. In fact, I hope to get my almost-4-year-old nephew out there this summer.

Curious? Check out some photos I took below!

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