Just when I was about to lose my mind because I'm still seeing Christmas stuff in stores, inspiration hit! I stocked up on all kinds of Christmas crap and I'm going to throw a Christmas in July party for my kids this summer.

Who doesn't love an advent calendar with chocolates to eat every day? Both my girls can invite 2 friends, because I bought 6 advent calendars. Each kid gets one to count down to the party where they will each get a present from Santa, enjoy Christmas music, candy canes and Capn Crunch Christmas cereal for breakfast.

I'm excited about the Christmas in July party! I did something like this this once when when the kids were little. We were camping with all the cousins and I brought Christmas decorations, holiday candy and a big Santa bag of gifts for all of the kids. It was so much fun and I love the memory of the kids tearing into wrapping paper at the campsite wearing reindeer antler headbands and sucking on candy canes.

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