Well, according to SWNS Digital, she might not have been as into it as she led you to believe.

Moms are all about making you feel good about yourselves, so they will lie through their teeth to let you feel awesome about that lame Mother's Day gift. I sure hope you didn't get her a gym membership or a vacuum cleaner.

Apparently she won't say it to your face, but know that moms will be comparing horror stories on Monday morning!

According to the new survey:

  • 40% of us think that mom's over the top reaction to our gift was faked. Could be true.
  • Middle children spend the most on mom.
  • The average amount spent on mom is $75.
  • Kids def try to one up each other by asking what the other is getting and stepping it up to do more.
  • Most people only write a sentence or two on their Mother's Day card. The more the better. Next year, think paragraphs.
  • This survey showed that moms really do love something sentimental like spending time together for a meal, something homemade, a trip or even a truly thoughtful card.

Personally, my favorite Mother's Day Gift was my card from my second grader. I will keep it forever and laugh at how well she knows me, even now.

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