I was poking around yourlocalsecurity.com, and discovered that the number one googled phobia in Maine is spiders, that Lewiston has the highest number of robberies in our state, and that our police force is making less than they should.

Police work puts 700,000 Americans on the front line of danger, tragedy, accidents and emergencies of all kinds. Here in Maine, we are reeling from the recent loss of dedicated police officers in the line of duty. They must be getting paid for such a dangerous job, right? Wrong. The average police salary in Maine in 2018 was $49,096.

Mississippi has the lowest pay in the country, at $35,520. That being said, they also have the most police officers. The highest paid police force in the nation is California at $87,491, but before you roll your eyes, know that they are tied for the most police deaths in our country, along with Texas, New York and Florida.

The national pay average is $64,490. We are definitely more in line with Mississippi than California.

If we can't pay these important first responders nearly enough, maybe we should at least show them some respect and thanks when we see them.

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