UPDATE: Some clarifications on an idling car in the state: While it is frowned upon to leave your car idling due to environmental concerns, an actual ticket is unlikely. In fact, the law on idling in Maine refers to commercial motor vehicles, though there are some idling restrictions in the town of Bar Harbor.

With the cold mornings back to start each day, the temptation is to run out to the driveway and start the car before we head off to work. Better yet maybe you got one of those handy remote starters on your keychain, so you can get the ignition going from the warmth of the kitchen.

What you don't want to do, is heat up your rig while you go back inside and make another cup of coffee or go spend some extra time in the bathroom. That could literally result in you vehicle idling in the driveway for a good 15 minutes to a 1/2 hour..am I right?

Probably not good for the environment right? Also remember to brush and scrape all snow and ice off before you hit the road, so we can all stay safe out there.

In fact, the law on idling in Maine refers to commercial motor vehicles, though there are some idling restrictions in the town of Bar Harbor.

Bottom line is, it's probably best for the environment to not warm up the car this winter. That's probably not the most realistic thing though. So, try remember to keep the car from idling any more than 15 minutes in an hour.

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