There is nothing better than getting an expected delivery, and there's nothing worse than worrying that a porch pirate is going to steal it before you get home. A post on had some great suggestions for foiling those diabolical culperites.

  • Have packages shipped to your workplace if you spend more time there than at home.
  • Many delivery companies have an alternative pick up option. I pick up my Wine-of-the-Month delivery at Shaw's.
  • Home surveillance cameras are more affordable than ever. Place a camera where a thief can see it, but keep it out of reach.
  • Do the neighborhood watch thing. Keep an eye out for a car following a delivery truck to your neighbor's house, and be on the lookout for strangers where they don't belong. You had better have some business to take care of on my dead end street, I'll come right out and ask you while memorizing your face and clothing.
  • Track your package if possible so that you can be home or a friend or neighbor can pick it up for you.

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