Most people dread grocery shopping in the best of times, but right now it can be  downright dangerous just getting the basics to keep your household running.

More than ever, it's important to be a considerate, safe shopper local supermarkets. Our cashiers, baggers, front end managers and various grocery store employees are all considered essential workers and they are in harms way just by doing their jobs.

Here are some reminders from on how to keep their safety and the safety of other shoppers in mind, as well as your own:

  • Please wear a mask. Who knows how many of us could be asympotmatic and spreading it without even knowing it.
  • Dispose of your mask, gloves and antibacterial wipes responsibly. Do Not leave them in your grocery cart or on the ground in the parking lot. An employee has to pick them up and you are putting them at risk. There are trash cans everywhere, find one and be an adult about it.
  • If you have even a tickle of a cough, a slight fever, body aches or you are sneezing-stay home.
  • Don't paw through products, an expiration date another two days out doesn't make much of a difference. Shop with your eyes, not your hands.
  • Give supermarket workers their space, they need six feet around them at all times. Don't go directly up to an employee to ask a question, keep your social distance.
  • Make a shopping list to keep your trip short and to be sure that you don't forget anything and have to go back. At my grocery store I've had to wait to go in because they have a cap on how many shoppers they allow. Don't take your time while people are waiting outdoors to get in.
  • Don't bring your entire family to go shopping, it makes social distancing more difficult and they are taking up unnecessary spots for people waiting to get into the store.
  • Don't badger workers about items that are out of stock, they usually don't know exactly when the next shipment of T.P. is going to hit the shelves.
  • Don't hoard, it's unecessary and selfish. There are folks who have a difficult time getting to and from the store. Leave them something to buy
  • Be patient and kind to other shoppers and workers. Everyone is stressed and you don't know what they're going through so help when you can.

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