With the first week of January comes that dreaded edict: “The tree has got to go.”

How quickly we turn on our pine-scented pals. Just a month ago, we were so happy with them. After scouring the farm, lot, or yard of your least-favorite neighbor, you finally found The One.

And now, through no fault of its own, your Christmas tree is an unwelcome houseguest. A nuisance. The friend who won’t leave the party.

Well, who says it has to? After all, New England is the land of all seasons and many events and attractions. Maybe you can turn that Christmas tree into a New England Tree; a festive fir or spruce that celebrates every month on the calendar.

Think of all the problems it would solve, and the trouble it would save you. For starters, you’d never need to decorate again. No more caldrons or cobwebs for Halloween. People want spooky? Check out the Spooky Tree.

Want to celebrate some take-in from your favorite seafood restaurant? Maybe you could eat it under the glow of your Seafood Tree.

Let’s not forget the tragic endeavor that ensues when you say goodbye to a Christmas tree. Just seeing it sitting out on the curb like a victim on "Law & Order: Special Balsams Unit.”

And if you have a fake Christmas tree? Perfect! There’s no reason to take it down! It’s literally built to last forever. And now more than ever, couldn’t we all use a little more New England joy, year-round?

There are certainly some decorations that need to go, if for no other reason than the health of your pets. But why not just update them throughout the year?

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