Looking for an opportunity to finally wear all that jewelry that hasn't seen the light of day in quite a while because it needs a good polish or repair? Maybe you have a piece that was a gift, but just isn't your taste, and want to turn it into a piece that you love and will want to wear every day?

Well, we've got the prize for you.

You could win a Springer's Jewelry Box Consultation and a $500 gift card to Springer's Jewelers, and all you have to do to enter is just fill out the form below. We'll need your name, number, address, and a picture of a piece of your jewelry and the backstory behind it!

Contest ends May 23.

My adventure began this Saturday!

I went through my jewelry box at home and among all of the junk and tangled necklaces, I did find a few gems that needed some attention, repair and polish.

I brought my pieces into Springer's Jewelers and Chris looked over my tray. He examined what clearly are not the royal jewels, but they mean a lot to me anyway. He got that, and couldn't have been any sweeter. We went through every piece together to see what my jewelry needed.


I brought in a selection of needs: my Memere's earing that needed repair, some sterling silver jewelry that desperately needed polishing, my charm bracelets that needed the charms attached and soldered and two necklaces that have tiny diamonds in them. I don't wear necklaces much because they get caught in my hair, and just feel uncomfortable. Maybe Chris has some ideas of how we could reset them into a peice that I would wear!


While Chris started the paperwork, I looked around. The estate jewelry was a great starting point.


I fell deeply and madly in love with the diamond and precious stone jewelry. I wish my phone camera did it justice!


The diamond ring case left me a little breathless. P.S., they'll let you try on anything!


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