Are you a funky bass player? Check out this post if Jesus is your homeboy and your hygiene is on point.

Maybe your thing is unicycles! There are two available in Sabattus. This one looks like it has training wheels, I'm in.


This repurposed claw foot tub, turned loveseat, showed up in York.

bathtub love seta

Space Gallery in Portland is advertising "Rooster Drum Tables". That grabbed my attention! What the heck are they?  I think that they look like a lot of fun and good place to rest a beer for only $20.00! I'll take two.

Rooster drum table

I love looking for funky things. If you've got funky stuff lying around put it up on Craigslist and let it bring it's funk into the world!

What's the funkiest thing that you own? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #funkyinmaine

My seven foot mannequin floor lamp is the funkiest thing that I own.



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