According to WMTW, the iconic Garside's Ice Cream shop in Saco has a new owner. Julie Kramer is a huge fan of Garside's and intends to continue the tradition of delicious hand made ice cream while adding a few updates as well.

Garside's has a long history in Saco. I grew up not far from it, and I walked to Garside's with my high school friends on our way to Bay View Beach many times. They served their hand made ice cream in amazing flavors, not the bagged soft-serve stuff that came in only two flavors at other places. It felt like we were eating a real treat.

Take a look at some of their flavors!

ice cream flavors
Garside's via Facebook

I had my first taste of Black Raspberry ice cream at Garside's, it was swoon-worthy. Cotton Candy, Almond Joy, Double Stuff Oreo and Mint Chocolate Chip all sound fabulous, but at the core of the menu was Mainah' crowd pleasers that my Pepere loved: Grape-Nut, Rum Raisin, Maine Maple Walnut- where else can you get these throw-back flavors?!

If you worry that Garside's hasn't kept up with the times, DON'T - Tom Brady's Avocado ice cream and their Vegan Coconut Raspberry should erase all doubt!

Thank you to the Pendleton family that ran Garside's for 38 years after buying it from the original owner, Arthur Garside back in 1955. They also passed down some of their hand-written family recipes to Julie.

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