It's the long-running show hosted by Alex Trebek that either makes us feel wicked smaht or not wicked smaht, depending on the category. If it's "Rock Bands from the 70's", we are nailing it! If it's the "Electoral College", not so much.

A man from Bangor appeared as a contestant on Jeopardy this past Tuesday night's episode (10/30). Yuh, we do get some excited when a person from Maine makes it to national TV!


His name is Allen Adams. The Jeopardy announcer introduced him as a writer/editor, so we figure he must be wicked smaht. Allen was competing against a professor from Pennsylvania and an attorney from Illinois.


Allen did an amazing job and made it all the way to $17,700 with his correct answers putting him in 1st place right before the Final Jeopardy category. Definitely want this guy on our team for the next trivia night at Grittys!

Was he able to stay there, keep all his winnings and leave happy? You can see the whole episode here to find out.