The Captain is celebrating 35 years. That's 35 awesome years with WBLM and rocking out with all of you!

And to show the Captain some love, we asked you to share why you think the Captain rocks. Take a look at some of the shout outs and responses below.

Congratulations, Herb!

Ralf Bickford of Casco: The Captain is the glue that holds the WBLM staff together, and he always thinks of his followers when he thinks of his play list. Thank you, Captain, for rocking us through the good times and bad. Rock on.

John Rogers of Boothbay: Proud of you, Champ. Been channeling with u since my junior year in high school. You've guided me home on many trucking trips after being on the road for days etc.etc. You raise the spirits of a lot of people. I consider you my brother. You have helped me more than u know.👌Thank you!!! Much love for all of u at The Blimp.❤️💫I think you got another 35 in ya ..

Donna Aikins of Westbrook: I have had the pleasure of filling in for Celeste while on maternity leave and got to be on the air with the Captain. He is a delightful, funny, genuinely nice person who is a fabulous on air personality. This job was designed with him in mind! Thank you Captain for your dedication and love of WBLM. I love you!

Melancy White of Rye, NH: And the captain DOES rock! I go all the way back to the Cosmic Muffin Era... I loved him then, and I love him now. I LOVE how he is a little bit naughty, and twisted... but the bottom line for the Captain is his respect for others. You are the best... always have been... always will be. You and Celeste make the best duo on rock radio. Keep on rockin’. !❤️❤️❤️

Rick Hinkle of Orchard Trails: He plays all of my classic rock and he let me fix the studio turntable over the phone on the way to work one morning!

Mike Shute of Norridgewock: I remember when the Captain was with Mark Persky and he wanted to be an admiral. He was on the radio for like 24 hours straight! He rocks!

Ron Ridley of Litchfield: Congratulations on 35 years! You rock us for a long time. (But I still got you beat.) Been listening to BLM since it started on Oakhill in the trailer. I'm 57 and I still listen today. Keep up the good work. P.S. I still have 2 of the Blimp 108 T-shirts. Again, congratulations.

Jeff Mateja of Scarborough: The Captain is the most genuine person I know. Seriously, amazing! You’re the best! Thanks, Herb! Happy 35th anniversary, brother!

David Tanguay of Falmouth: Love the Blimp and the Captain. Those photos you have here are from my moms bar back in the day (De’Nans Hourglass). I have to say the late '80s thru the '90s was the best times in my life, and WBLM and the Captain were always there to provide entertainment. No cell phones or instant video, just the radio and the Captain with great rock and roll like Van Halen. I was bartending the night those photos in Guru's article were taken I believe. And I'm pretty sure I did a few promos with Herb, definitely WBLM. Thanks for all the great years of music and dedication. You guys rock. Peace.

Donna Horr of Gray: Happy anniversary, Captain! I’ve listened since the beginning, and you’re always made my day. Enjoy!

Luiz Guedes of Natal, Brazil: He is the leader of the classic rock resistance. I had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed by him and Celeste at the morning show in 2018 and named WBLM's Ambassador to Brazil. Long live the Captain, WBLM and classic rock.

Betsy Davis of Freeport: "The Captain has arrived. Hurray..." Captain asks the important questions like, "Who introduced you to rock?" He's got such a soothing voice. I've been a Blimpster since about 1980. One of my all time favorite days was being one of Herb's apprentices. Keep rocking! We love you!

Jeff York of Westbrook: Congrats on your 35 years on the the rock n roll Blimp. I started listening to BLM in 1975 at age 11 and have been rocking with you ever since. There is no one better than you & Celeste! Thank you again for your service to WBLM!

Pat Hayward of Anson: The Captain rocks as he is witty, has a great voice for radio, works well with everyone but especially with his co-host and cohort, Celeste, and the day is not complete unless you hear from the Captain. Happy 35th and wishing many more.

Matt Barnard of Topsham: The Captain leaves the best, the funniest, the most hysterical voicemail messages ever. None of them are suitable for air without incurring significant FCC fines. Some of them may be archived as mp3s.

Jacob Gonsalves of Norway: The Captain is just an all around funny guy. He’s always got a witty line or funny comeback and a lot of the things that have been uttered by him on air are priceless memories that often make my day. Happy 35 to The Captain!

Jean Lamoureux of Biddeford: I turn on the radio every morning for my drive into work and it’s always the Captain I hear first to get my day going. He’s always upbeat and laughing! He plays great tunes and always starts my day off right! Happy anniversary, Captain!

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