What the hell is going on with owls in New Hampshire lately?

With respect to all anti-pollution advocates, potato chip mascots, or Tootsie Pop spokesbirds, these typically peaceful creatures are really stirring up crap in a state that’s already busy enough dealing with a “definitely credible” Bigfoot sighting.

A Merrie Sweepe Chimney Service in Greenland took to Facebook to post a video of two employees rescuing an owl that became stuck in a customer’s chimney.

According to A Merrie Sweepe, the owl will need some rehabilitation (from minor injuries; no vices were reported), and was transported to the Center for Wildlife.

This comes just days after a woman in Merrimack, New Hampshire, sought help in an incident that was quite nearly a murder most fowl (thank you).

In that instance, a woman heard a loud bang during a family gathering. As it turns out, an owl had crashed into a window in an attempt to devour Buddy – her pet parrot.

In the days that followed, things would get even creepier in this parrot/owl feud.

New Hampshire has 11 different types of owls, according to the NH Fish & Game. It remains unclear, however, if the owl who tried to kill the parrot and the owl from the chimney were acquainted.

If an owl is stuck in your chimney, call a chimney sweep company or wildlife officials. And if an owl is trying to murder your parrot, heed this advice from a wildlife expert interviewed by WMUR after the Merrimack incident:

“Move the bird so the owl doesn't see the bird, or pull down the shades."

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