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Kaitlyn Juvik, a High School senior in Montana, had been going to school braless for more than a year when she got pulled into the principal's office and asked to cover up. One of her male teachers had complained that he felt uncomfortable because she wasn't wearing a bra. Kaitlyn claims that she finds bras too restrictive and uncomfortable. She said, "I feel suffocated wearing a bra, so anybody who has a problem with that should just look the other way and get over it."  If her male teacher is uncomfortable with her braless breasts, then how distracting is it to the teenage boys in her classes? Kaitlyn is getting a lot of support from her classmates. A Facebook group, "No Bra, No Problem" was created by by one of her friends, hundreds of female students went braless for a protest and male classmates wore bras to school to show their support for the cause.  Kaitlyn wants there to be national discussion about the body shaming and sexualization of women. Here is another take on the situation for those of you who are not buying her twisted sense of feminism.

The Helena High School principal says he is done talking about this.

Bras are not comfortable, but they are expected. Their job is to create modesty in a society that has so highly sexualized breasts. Is this society that still shames women for breastfeeding in public really mature enough to allow women to not wear a bra to school or work? Personally, I would feel incredibly self conscious and uncomfortable. I just don't feel dressed without a bra, and when I see other women at the grocery store without one I feel like they don't quite have it together. I get judgy about it! When I was much younger it wasn't a big deal, what changed? As for the sexualization of women, let's not put it all on men. We women have definitely contributed to it.

Kaitlyn graduated, and was braless under her white gown. She started her summer job at a local Snow Cone Shack. I'm not kidding.

Is it Appropriate for Female Students to Go Braless At School?


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I'm guilty of owning a push up bra, please don't hate me.



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